Barometer and Thermometer Wall Piece - Kauri

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Form, Function and Style!

Choose form, function and style with this stunning Barometer and Thermometer Wall Piece.

These Wall Pieces were produced from huge ancient kauri logs and stumps found in swamps around northern New Zealand where massive Kauri forests once stood. These magnificent pieces contain wood that is spectacular in color and form.

The Wall Pieces have been hand-crafted and scientifically finished. Each piece is handled a minimum of twenty times during the manufacturing process. The natural form and spectacular colors make each clock unique, therefore no two are ever the same!

The Kauri is New Zealand’s most famous native tree. One of the largest trees in the world, it is also prized for its excellent quality timber. It is both light and extremely durable, while maintaining an unscathed and beautiful appearance.

Historically, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, found many uses for Kauri Timber including the building of houses and ships, bridges and fences. The vast size of the trunks also allowed them to carve the entire hull of their canoes from one piece of timber.

New Zealand’s most famous Kauri, Tane Mahuta (also known as ’King of the Forest’) stands proud at 51.2 meters high, with a girth of over 13 metres. It is estimated that Tane Mahuta, found in Northlands Waipoua Forest, is over 2,000 years old.

As today’s Kauri sources are minimal, timber is being salvaged from swamps and forest floors. These specimens are thousands of years old, and yet the timber holds strong to its original qualities.

Choose form, function and style with this stunning Barometer and Thermometer Wall Piece.



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Material: New Zealand swamp Kauri

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