The Caravan Clock – Ian Blackwell

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Every kiwi’s birth right

New Zealanders like to see the world as one big adventure with numerous exotic destinations just waiting to be discovered. This is possibly due to the fact that New Zealand is home to a wide range of diverse landscapes that stretch right across its length and breadth.  It is no wonder that kiwis love loading up their cars for a road trip through the numerous scenic spots that dot the country. One popular option is to head out in a caravan to an idyllic setting serrounded by nature with the company friends and family. Kiwis love travel and adventure so much that the bach (holiday home) and caravan have become national icons in their own right.

The Caravan Timber Clock by Ian Blackwell celebrates this inextinguishable spirit of adventure in every kiwi! 

The Caravan Timber Clock is available in:

  • Blue 
  • Orange

This hand painted and trendy wall clock is presented in a black box, making it suitable as a gift or as a funky display piece in your home.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Available in colours:

  • Blue 
  • Orange

Hand Painted

Presented in a black gift box

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