Koru Coasters With Paua Inlay – Amazin Wood

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Paua koru coasters

Paua and Koru, two of the most well known historical cultural artifacts of Maori culture presented together in this beautifully crafted coaster set. Laser cut from rimu veneered board with paua inlay. A set of 4 in cardboard gift box. 

Tradionally a Maori treasure (Taonga) Paua is commonly used for the eyes of Native New Zealand carvings and jewellery.

The Koru is a native New Zealand icon seen throughout history and in contemporary representaitons of New Zealand cultural indentification.

The peaceful sign of the Koru and simplistic purity of the Paua are cleverly put together in this set of four coasters with the Koru cutouts  acting as upright mat holders.

Respectfully recreated Maori designs by contemporary makes Amazin Wood.

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