Printed Drink Coaster Gift Set - Tuatara Pictures

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A Tuatara at Your Table!

The Tuatara is a reptile endemic to New Zealand. It resembles a lizard and measures up to 80 cm (31in) from head to tail-tip with a spiny crest along the back.

This Coaster Set features 4 Wooden Coasters with screen printed images of the Tuatara. They make a great gift idea or souvenir of New Zealand.

Each Wood Coaster is 115mm diameter and finished with a heat/scratch resistant acrylic lacquer with a suede felt to underside and stop movement. These Coasters are also presented in a beautiful gift box.

Aeon Giftware is proudly made right here in Rotorua New Zealand. For more unique gifts and souvenirs browse our Related Products links below.



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