Warrior Maori Doll 2 - 27cm

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New Zealand's treasured past

Maori doll dressed in real feather cloak and PiuPiu skirt.

Piupiu is the only item of traditional Maori costume, which is still sometimes worn and made roughly to the same technique as in olden times. The making of the piupiu is incredibly time consuming and complex. The piupiu has approximately 250 blades of flax, each one of which is treated by hand many times, from its marking, cutting with a mussel shell, stripping of green leaf through to the fibre, fixing, dyeing & drying and weaving of leaves together to form the kilt-like skirt.

The Maori dressed in different designs according to tribe and their rank within the tribe. Dressing was taken very seriously and was considered an art form.

Traditionally tattooed Maori warriors will approach a visitor with wild facial grimaces and intimidating actions to determine the visitors’ intentions.

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Packed in a box.

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