New Zealand Possum – King Bed Spread - Bear Cottage

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2.66 kg

New Zealand Possum - Bear Cottage – King Bed Spread

You won’t want to get out of bed this winter! These luxurious possum bed spreads are a must have for those harsh bitter cold winters. Possum comforter’s help to hold the heat in and keep you warm over the cooler seasons. Bear cottage bed spreads will give your bedroom a unique sense of style, comfort and warmth.

Bear cottage bed spreads consist of various numbers of top quality furs and come fully lined. Shades of fur may vary between comforters but individual furs are matched up so as to get the best possible blends.

This item is Custom made in New Zealand and you will need to allow a further 14 working days on top of delivery.

This listed item is priced for a King 50 fur 2.1 x 1.8m

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