Wool Cot Duvet - Fairydown

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130 cm

Fairydown Wool Cot Duvet - 300gsm

The Best for your Baby!

Fairydown’s Wool Cot Duvet is proudly made from premium high loft wool and encased in natural cotton to provide the ultimate in pure luxury and comfort.

This Duvet will help keep baby snug and cosy, so they get a restful nights sleep. Which means you can as well!

Wool is naturally non-allergenic and works to helps regulate baby’s temperature, making it the perfect choice for your baby’s bedding.

With a 300gsm weight, this duvet is perfect for use in well insulated homes or as a middle weight duvet through all seasons.

Wool also has a naturally high fire resistance, making if a safer choice as well.


Fill Type Premium high loft wool
Fill Weight 300gsm
Casing White cotton case with 215 threads per 10 square cm
Size US sizing – 100cm x 130 cm
Construction Soft carded wool encased in cotton and quilted with a straight stitch.
Finishing satin binding
Packaging Wire edge PVC Bag with front insert


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