Nicola Anne Linen & Room Spray – Cucumber & Melon – Candles of New Zealand

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Relaxation on tap

The Candles of New Zealand Nicola Anne Linen & Room Spray does not only freshen up your linen and rooms, it also relaxes the mind, body and soul. It is made in New Zealand from quality natural ingredients and fragranced with a cooling cucumber and sweet melon scent.

Unlike many room sprays, the Nicola Anne Linen & Room Spray is not overpowering, but beautifully balanced and inoffensive. It gives off a thereauputic cucumber & melon scent that calms and rejuvenates the senses.

Relax your mind while giving your linen and room a gorgeous fragrance with the Cucumber & Melonn Nicola Anne Linen & Room Spray.

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