Manuka Honey MGO100+ & Valerian Extract - Api Health - 250g

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Manuka honey MGO100+&Valerian extract 250g

Manuka & Valerian Extract is delicious product designed food sleep. Manuka & Valerian Extract is completely natural product formulated from special blend of Manuka honey and Valerian extract.

Second natural ingredient is Valerian Extract.

Valerian root is widely used and respected by the general population and physicians for its sedative effects and anti-anxiety capabilities.  Studies show that valerian extract reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleep quality due to valerian contains a chemical ingredient called linarin, which creates a sedative effect.

Valerian extract can cause sedation by increasing brain’s GABA level. Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. In large enough quantities it can cause a sedative effect, calming nervous activity.

Valerian is a sedative herb that has been used for centuries for the treatment of insomnia. Because valerian increases GABA levels in the brain, it helps reduce brain activity and allow users to fall asleep more easily.

Valerian root can also help regulate blood pressure and support heart health. The same active components that make valerian root so effective for stress and anxiety management can also help the body properly regulate its blood pressure.

Valerian root can suppress muscle spasms and acts as a natural muscle relaxer and effectively calm the severe uterine muscle contractions that cause the terrible pain many women experience during menstruation.

By reducing anxiety and improving the length and quality of sleep, valerian root can significantly help with daily stress management. Valerian root has been shown to suppress both physical and psychological stress by helping to maintain levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood.


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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


- New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey MGO100+

- Valerian extract – 2%


Take with warm drink or straight from teaspoon one hour before bed.

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