Honey Dew Honey 500g - Nelson Honey

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Love the Taste of New Zealand Gold!

Take one taste of this Honey Dew Honey and discover for yourself why it’s called New Zealand Gold! Rich, strong Honey Dew Honey is made from nectar gathered from the black beech trees of New Zealand’s rugged South Island. Its unique origins give it a unique aroma and a stronger flavor than many other honeys.

Honey Dew Honey can be enjoyed just like any other honey. Try it on toast, stirred into drinks, or even licked straight off the spoon. Honey Dew Honey is also great in cooking. Try using Nelson Honey’s Honeydew Honey as a delicious sweet glaze for meats or roasted winter vegetables.

Try a spoonful of New Zealand Gold and discover why Honey Dew Honey is reputed to be one of the world’s best honeys. Honeydew Honey is the perfect honey for honey lovers!

Nelson Honey’s Honey Dew Honey is 100% Pure New Zealand Honey. With no added ingredients, it’s Gluten Free and Preservative Free.


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