Creamed Rewarewa Honey - Arataki Honey - 500g

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Taste of the New Zealand Bush

The Creamed Rewarewa Honey by Arataki Honey is lovingly crafted from the nectar of bees that gather from the Rewarewa tree in the New Zealand bush. Rewarewa trees can grow up to a height of thirty metres with a trunk diameter of one metre. This native tree has fantastically intricate red flowers and is mainly found in the North Island of New Zealand.

Rewarewa honey is a dark honey that has a relatively mild flavour with a malty aroma. The Creamed Rewarewa Honey has a thick and spreadable consistency due to the smaller crystal size of the honey. This prevents the honey crystals from forming larger crystals, thereby giving the honey a nice velvety texture.

Get a taste of the New Zealand bush with the Creamed Rewarewa Honey by Arataki Honey.


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