Rewarewa Honey – Mossop’s – 1kg

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1.3 kg

Rich and smoky!

Rewarewa honey is made from the nectar of the New Zealand Rewarewa tree. The nectar from its stunning red flowers produces a delectably rich honey with a smoky and caramel like flavour. It is ideal as a spread, sugar substitute or in baking.

Mossop’s utilises a unique granulation method to process their honey. This natural process captures the natural properties, flavours and aromas that are present in the honey. Their creamed honeys are also stirred for only a couple of hours to prevent over stirring. Over stirring can add excess moisture to honey and compromise its storability and natural flavours. Mossop’s unique processing technique seals in the natural goodness of honey and leads to a honey with a unique texture.

Savour the delectable taste of Mossop’s Rewarewa Honey.

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