Rewarewa Honey -Mossop -250g

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Rewarewa Honey -Mossop -250g

Sweet caramel taste!

 Mossop’s Rewarewa Honey is a rich creamed honey made from the nectar of the intricate red flowers of the Rewarewa tree. This dark honey has a rich smoky and caramel like flavour that makes it ideal in baking, as a spread or sugar substitute. After extraction from apiaries located in the pristine lands of New Zealand, Mossop’s Rewarewa Honey undergoes a unique granulation process that seals in the natural flavours and properties of the honey. To prevent over stirring during the creaming process, Mossop’s only stirs their honey for a couple of hours. This prevents added moisture from entering the honey, which can affect the natural flavours, properties and storability of the honey. The unique processing technique employed by Mossop’s results in a honey with a distinct texture. Taste the rich and natural flavours of Mossop’s Rewarewa Honey. Discover more New Zealand honey products from Mossop’s

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