Field Honey – Mossop’s – 500g

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Mild and delicious!

The Field and Tawari Honey from Mossop’s is a mild honey mix that blends together New Zealand field honey with native Tawari honey. Field honey comes from the wild flowers of New Zealand and is deliciously mild with a strong floral character. This is then combined with native New Zealand Tawari honey, which has a distinctive taste with a nutty note.

Mossop’s employs a unique granulation method when processing their honey to capture its natural goodness, flavours and aromas. When creaming honey, Mossop’s only stir their honey for a couple of hours to prevent excess moisture from building up within the honey. This maintains its natural flavours, aromas and storability.

Open a jar of Mossop’s Field and Tawari Honey for a mild tasting honey that the whole family can enjoy.

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