Tawari Honey Creamed - 500gm

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New Zealand’s sweet, golden Tawari Honey comes from the creamy white flowers of New Zealand’s Tawari tree. When you partake of the mild frothy white honey of the Tawari you are enjoying a unique taste of primeval bush. Songbirds were feeding on the nectar from the flowers of the Tawari at the beginning of time.

The Tawari tree forms an elegant bush or canopy tree 6 to 16m high which smoothers itself in masses of creamy-white flowers during November and December. On the tree the flowers appear white but on close inspection they are distinctly yellowish and 2.5-4cm across. Tawari grows in the lowland and subalpine forests from North Auckland to southwards to Rotorua and Lake Waikaremoana.

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