Faceted Hematite Koru Heart Bracelet By Hint of New Zealand

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18 cm

The hardness of hematite balanced by the soft allure of love.

A gorgeous bracelet from Hint of New Zealand, crafted from chunks of hematite, glass and metal alloy.

The decorations are faceted, giving them the appearance of meticulously cut crystal. The colours are deliberately balanced, with the lightness of silver separating the dark grey of the hematite from the pitch black glass, creating a delightful interplay between light and dark.

Attached are a series of delicate tassels, which coincide with a joyful, alluring heart charm. A number of the decorations are engraved with Koru patterns, providing a subtle reminder of the bracelet’s New Zealand heritage.

A lovely gift for a loved one, or a memorable memento of a visit to New Zealand, the bracelet is a beautiful, feminine piece of jewellery.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Materials: Glass, hematite, metal alloy and elastic

Size: 18 centimetres

Weight: 69 grams

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