New Zealand One Cent Coin Cuff Links

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True Kiwi Fashion Cents!

These solid pewter cuff links show a replica of a New Zealand One Cent Coin. The coin’s design depicts a New Zealand silver fern curled around the numeral one. The silver fern is immediately recognizable as an icon of New Zealand, even though the One Cent Coin is no longer in circulation.

The New Zealand One Cent Coin was first minted in 1967 when decimal currency replaced the New Zealand Pound. Originally made of bronze, the One Cent Coin was minted for only twenty years and was finally demonetized in 1980. One Cent Coins are now collector’s items. New Zealand’s 2¢ and 5¢ coins have also been withdrawn from circulation, leaving the New Zealand 10¢ coin as one of the highest-valued lowest-denomination coins in the world.

These New Zealand One Cent Coin Cuff Links are made in New Zealand from 100% lead free pewter so they’re 100% safe to wear every day.


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