TVNZ Kiwi Cufflinks

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Unique Cufflinks to Stand Out Anywhere

Kiwiana is New Zealand culture: the things that make New Zealander unique. The TVNZ Kiwi is an especially treasured piece of Kiwiana. Between 1981 and 1994 when 24 television began, the TVNZ Kiwi or Goodnight Kiwi as he is also known, would mark the end of each day’s television. The minute-long animation showed the Goodnight Kiwi and his friend the Cat closing up the television studio, switching off the lights, leaving a milk bottle out on the poach and riding an elevator up to bed in a satellite dish.

These TVNZ Kiwi Cufflinks let you wear a piece of New Zealand’s culture. Whether or not you’re a New Zealander, these cufflinks will stand out and show everyone you love New Zealand. 


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