Bilbo's Sword Sting with Chain- Silver

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Although not strictly a sword, but a knife, it was the perfect weapon for the short hobbit!

Bilbo’s beloved sting was forged in the Hidden City of Gondolin by the elves who inhabited it. This made it much hated by the orcs and would glow a lustrous blue whenever it came in proximity with them. Sting remained undiscovered long after the fall of Gondolin, only to be found by Bilbo during the Quest of Erebor. It was found alongside other fine elven weaponry such as Glamdring and Orcrist.

Sting actually remained nameless until Bilbo and company ventured into Mirkwood Forest where they were beset by the forest’s spiders. He would use sting to free himself and the rest of the company from the spider’s deadly cocoon. After slaying his arachnid attacker he fittingly named the short blade sting. Gollum was also afraid of sting (or anything made by the elves) and Bilbo would use it to great effect when, at the base of the Misty Mountains, he was confronted by Gollum over the One Ring. Sting would also prove invaluable to Frodo and Sam in the Fellowship of the Ring. After the fall of Sauron, Sting was bestowed unto Sam as Frodo and Bilbo left for the Undying Lands. After this it is speculated that Sting either remained in the Gardner family as an heirloom or was taken by Sam if and when he had departed for the Undying Lands.

Bring the elven magic of Sting wherever you go with Bilbo’s Sword Sting Pendant in silver.



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Bilbo’s silver Sword Sting Pendant is available as a standalone or with a 45mm chain.

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