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A Twist on the Classic Bird Necklace

Whether you’re looking for a silver pendant to wear every day, or something special for those special occasions, this twist on a bird necklace is perfect. Tahi Jewelry blends traditional tribal elements to create stunning modern jewelry. This striking pendant is based on a spiraling Koru design.

Widely recognized as a symbol of peace, the Koru is one of the most important symbols of New Zealand. The Koru design is based on an unfurling fern frond or a breaking wave, and represents new life, beginnings, growth and is a symbol of strength. While the basic Koru design is an emblem which is often used, each artist makes the Koru their own. This Koru pendant is called Kiwi because of its resemblance to a curled up, stylized kiwi bird, with the hole for the necklace being the bird’s eye.

A silver pendant is essential, so make sure the one you wear is meaningful. Elegant yet understated, modern yet with a base in tradition, this is a bird necklace with a twist.




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Dimensions: The Kiwi Pendant measures 49mm in width and is 27mm high. The leather cord is 335mm long; the silver chain is 240mm long.

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