Koru Paua Shell Necklace - Paua Mania - NZ Dimensionz

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A meaningful gift!

This magnificent Koru Paua Shell Necklace is absolutely lovely. This stunning Koru Paua Shell Necklace would make a great gift for new parents, a child or anyone who is starting a new phase in their lives.

The Koru is a representation of a fern frond as it opens to bring new life and purity to the world.  Koru is also associated with nurturing and is commonly used as a symbol of love within the family.

This Koru pendant is made from New Zealand Paua Shell and acrylic and features a tattoo style enhancement. The Koru is approximately 35 mm in diameter. The twist signifies the bonding of two friendships and is proudly made right here at Paua World, Carterton, New Zealand


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