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Beauty in tradition

The Kowhaiwhai is a centuries old art form that is unique to the Maori of New Zealand. It is thought to have been brought over from Polynesia by the original Maori settlers hundreds of years ago. These paintings incorporate many different patterns such as the koru (unfurling silver fern frond), mangopare (hammerhead shark), ngaru tai (ocean waves) and puhoro (power and speed). Alhough the meanings of many Kowhaiwhai patterns have been lost over time, their cultural significance remains. The Kowhaiwhai continues to be held in high regard and adorns many sites and buildings that are sacred to the Maori. 

Originally the Kowhaiwhai would have been painted on the Maori whaka, or canoe, but as time passed and the Maori became more settled, they began appearing in the meeting houses (wharenui or marae) of the Maori.

The Kowhaiwhai Heart Pendant pays homage to the rich cultural tradition of these paintings. It is made from white acrylic and attached to a beautiful chain.

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Material: white acrylic

Measurements: 37 x 42 mm

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