New Zealand Greenstone Triple Twist Pendant - Dale Borland

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70 mm

A Treasure For Your Treasure!

The Triple Twist in Maori culture signifies the bonding of two people or two cultures for eternity. This stunning and meaningful Greenstone Pendant makes a beautiful gift that will truly be treasured.

Impress that someone special with a gift that goes beyond words.

This Greenstone Necklace has been created by highly skilled Craftsmen in and around the Southern West Coast, the centre of New Zealand's Greenstone industry.

Greenstone or Pounamu has a long tradition of being revered by the Maori people. It was used to create tools, weapons, and jewellery and is still prized by Maori people today and considered a taonga (treasure).

Measurement: 70MM

New Zealand Made

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Material: 100% New Zealand sourced greenstone

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