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Beauty & Meaning!

Elements of Maori culture are woven together by Tahi Jewelry to create unique and beautiful designs. This silver pendant, Toki, is in the shape of an Adze Blade which features a cut-out a Koru design.

The Koru design is based on the unfurling fern frond or breaking wave. It is an important and widely recognized symbol of strength and symbol of peace in New Zealand and around the world. It also stands for creation and new life, while the inner point of the Koru refers to a place of origin.

The name of this silver pendant, Toki, means an Adze Blade. In traditional Maori culture, an Adze was more than just a tool for dressing wood. Adzes were attributed with magic or supernatural powers, and often given personal names. The shaft of the Adze would be buried with its owner, and a new one carved so that the precious Toki could be passed down through many generations.

Suitable for both men and women, Toki will be treasured no matter who wears it. Beautiful and meaningful jewelry looks great wherever you wear it. It makes a wonderful gift, as well as being an essential accessory for yourself.


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Dimensions: Toki measures 25mm across the base, the widest part, and is 37mm long. The leather cord is 335mm long; the silver chain is 240mm long.


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