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A Bird Necklace with a Twist

Tahi Jewelry draws upon the centuries old tradition of Maori jewelry to create a unique Hei Matau. The Hei Matau, or Maori fishhook, is an ancient symbol of strength, prosperity, abundance and a safe journey over water. The origins of the Hei Matau can be traced to the legend of the Demigod Maui, who fished up New Zealand’s North Island using only a bone fish hook and a woven line.

Because of the abundant symbolism that surrounds the Hei Matau, it is a common design, worn by both Maori and non-Maori alike. However, while the basic design remains the same, there are as many variations of the Hei Matau as there are its creators. This particular Hei Matau is called Toroa, or Albatross, because its graceful curves resemble those of the great sea bird. To Maori, the Toroa represents beauty and power. People of rank wore Toroa feathers, to gain those qualities by association.

The Hei Matau may be the definitive piece of Maori Jewelry. Suitable for both men and woman, the positive associations of the Hei Matau, as well as its beauty, will have you wearing it everywhere you go.


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Dimensions: The Toroa Pendant measures 20mm in width and is 37mm high. The leather cord is 335mm long; the silver chain is 240mm long.


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