Triple Twist Paua Shell Necklace- Paua Mania

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The Path of love and life

This Triple Twist Necklace is made of stunning Paua Shell, which is appreciated for its amazing iridescent swirl of blue, green, purple and sometimes pink colours.

The Maori twist resembles two intertwined pikopiko ferns, which is also known by its Maori name Pikorua. The triple Maori twist symbolizes the joining together of two peoples or two cultures. More spiritually is a representation of interpersonal communication, the link between body and spirit.

Made from genuine New Zealand Paua Shell in Carterton New Zealand, this exceptional Triple Twist Necklace in a fabulous gift idea to emphasize love, loyalty and friendship for life.

This Triple Twist Paua Shell Necklace measures approx. 50x27mm and comes in its own elegant presentation box.

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