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Ancient Symbols of Strength

Tahi Jewelry draws upon traditional Maori culture to create a unique and beautiful silver pendant. This silver pendant is a Hei Matau, or Maori fish hook. The design of the Hei Matau can be traced back to the legend of the Demigod Maui, who fished up the North Island of New Zealand with only a woven line and a bone fish hook. The Hei Matau not only represents a link to the gods, but it is also a symbol of strength, prosperity and fertility.

Although the Hei Matau is one of the most popular Maori jewelry designs, each one is as unique as its maker. This Hei Matau is named Wai meaning Water, as the hook of the Hei Matau folds under itself like a breaking wave. Wai is an especially appropriate name for a Hei Matau, as it also represents a safe journey over water.

A Hei Matau is suitable for both men and woman, making this silver pendant as versatile as it is beautiful. Whether you wear this Hei Matau every day, or save it for those special occasions, it’s sure to look great and be noticed.



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Dimensions: This silver Hei Matau pendant measures 32mm across its widest point and is 25mm high. The leather cord is 335mm long; the silver chain is 240mm long.

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