Feijoa Liqueur - 8th Tribe - 50ml

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Get a load of Feijoas!

This Feijoa Liqueur has the complex taste of ripe pineapples and fresh guavas which leaves a warm, slightly tart, mouth tingling finish, a unique, New Zealand taste experience. Close to many a kiwi's heart for generations feijoa trees have found a place in gardens up and down the country.

This high quality Feijoa Liqueur is made by Distillerie Deinlein. These distilled fruit liqueurs are best enjoyed at room temperature to release their natural bouquet.The process of distilling is simple and time honoured.

Feijoas: This small, egg-shaped fruit is native to South America, though New Zealand is now a major exporter. A thin, bright green skin surrounds the feijoa's exceedingly fragrant, cream-coloured flesh that encases a jellylike centre. The flavour is complex, with sweet notes of quince, pineapple and mint.

The Feijoa was collected in Southern Brazil by the German explorer Friedrich Sellow in 1815 and introduced to Europe by French botanist and horticulturist, Dr Edouard Andre, in 1890. It was named after Brazilian botanist, Joam da Silva Feijoa. Feijoas were introduced into New Zealand in the 1920s. As the climate is ideal for growing feijoas, they are a popular addition to many New Zealand gardens.

Experience and enjoy! What a great gift idea!


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Approx 26.0% Alc/Vol.

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