Feijoa Liqueur - 8th Tribe - Distillerie Deinlein - 50ml

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Get a load of Feijoas!

Feijoas! Hard wired into the Kiwi psyche! For many of us just mentioning this strange green fruit evokes a flood of memories, of good times growing up in Godzone - feijoa fights, feijoa jelly, feijoa pie, pinching feijoas from the neighbours.....  The totally unique taste and aroma of freshly cut feijoas has made feijoa fanatics of many. Being enthusiastically fanatical feijoa fans as well, made justifying years to perfect our 8thTRIBE Feijoa surprisingly easy.

An icon, quintessential New Zealand, the Feijoa's distinctive taste is hard to describe. Think of it as a floral bouquet with the sweet notes of pineapple and guava. We capture the essence of this unique fruit through slow and careful batch distillation, and blend this four times distilled liqueur with 100% pure water from our own spring. Refreshingly tangy, a unique and distinctive liqueur that will play riddles with your taste buds.  

Just like you, we get our feijoas from down the road – 8thTRIBE Feijoa, proudly distilled in Te Puna, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. 

8thTRIBE Feijoa – Refreshingly tangy, a stunning mixer, and best of all available year round. 

And don't forget to send a taste of home as a gift to your far flung whanau.  

These are some of our favourite ways to enjoy 8thTRIBE Feijoa

- ON THE ROCKS - over ice, any time, any place.


  • 30mL 8thTRIBE Feijoa
  • Sparkling Wine/Champagne
  • Sugar Cube
  • Bitters

Into a champagne glass, first add a sugar cube and a drop of bitters. Add 8thTRIBE Feijoa and top with bubbles. Simply yet sophisticated.

Approx 26.0% Alc/Vol.

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