Kiwifruit Wine - Sentry Hill Winery - 750ml

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Flavours to savour!

Flood your taste buds with the exquisite hand crafted Kiwifruit Wine by Sentry Hill Winery. Produced in the small New Zealand settlement of Lepperton, Sentry Hill Winery sits under the shadow of the towering Mount Taranaki in the west of New Zealand’s North Island. It has a delicious crisp and tangy taste that compliments seafood and pasta dishes.

Maori mythology states that Taranaki originally sat in the centre of the North Island along with the majority of New Zealand’s other volcanoes. But it became involved in a fight with another great New Zealand volcano called Tongariro over the beautiful Pihanga. Taranaki lost the battle and was forced to flee to its current location on the western side of the North Island. It is said that when Taranaki is covered with rainclouds he is crying for his love lost. Conversely, when there are brilliant sunsets he is displaying himself to Pihanga.

Under the everlasting gaze of Taranaki, Sentry Hill Winery combines traditional and modern techniques to craft their gorgeous Kiwifruit wine.





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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Directions:Serve at about three (3) to four (4) Celsius.

Alcohol content:12%

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