Ti-toki Liqueur Crock - 500ml - 37% Alc/Vol

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The Liqueur of the South Pacific

Ti-toki Liqueur has mythical roots as Maori folklore explains that the Patupaiarehe, fairy-like beings that dwell in forests and mountains, warmed themselves and toasted friendship by drinking a beverage distilled from Titoki berries.

More recently, in the 1970’s, a New Zealand winemaker drew inspiration from the surrounding native flora and fauna. Of particular interest were the native Titoki trees and their vibrant red and black berries. From these berries came the iconic Ti-toki Liqueur. It took three years of experimentation before the desired rustic flavours were achieved. The final concoction included other native ingredients such as Manuka leaves and kawakawa. This heavenly beverage was then bottled in a distinctive and iconic tekoteko ceramic decanter.

Today, Ti-Toki Liqueur continues to produce the same smooth and aromatic beverage inspired by the New Zealand bush. Ti-toki  Liqueur has a unique warmth and smoothness with a sweet after taste. Each sip of Ti-toki Liqueur reveals a different flavour and sensation.

Unravel the distinct flavours and aromas of the New Zealand bush with a sip of Ti-toki liqueur.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Serving suggestions:

Ti-toki Liqueur is best enjoyed at room temperature after a meal. It can be sipped with ice, in a cocktail, with cola, ginger beer, tonic water, lemon and orange juice or blended with coffee. 

Alcohol content:

37% Alc/Vol

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