KiwiGold - Mana Shochu- 25% ALC/VOL - 700ml

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For a taste of New Zealand with a difference, Mana Shochu have created a very special Kiwi Gold Shochu.

Honkaku Shochu. Mana Shochu is a New Zealand company that specialises in making quality Shōchū. Using the highly sought after Owairaka Red Kiwifruit with their much lauded kumara-based Shōchū. The fruity taste and aroma of kiwifruit complements the full-bodied earthiness of the kumara Shōchū.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything else like Mana Shochu’s Kiwi Gold Sochu; it’s uniquely unique!

Ingredients (by Percentage %)

Spring Water 71.5
Sweet Potato Alcohol 15.75
Neutral Spirits 6.75
Kiwi Gold Alcohol 2.5
Glucose 1.2
Invert Sugar 2.3
Kiwifruit Golden Flavour 002069 0.00014


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