Lemon - Mana Shochu- 25% ALC/VOL - 700ml

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Get a zest for life with Mana Shochu’s exhilarating Lemon Shochu!

Mana Sochu uses only the finest New Zealand grown sweet potatoes, locally known as the Shōchū. Adding to the already unique character of their Shōchū, the people at Mana Sochu have decided to throw the lively flavour of lemons into the mix. Something truly spectacular has resulted by combining the deep and full flavours of Mana Shochu’s Owairaka Red Kumara based Shōchū with real zesty lemons. The lemons bring freshness and liveliness to Mana Shochu’s spirited Kumara Shōchū.

The addition of lemons into the blend adds extra vigour and crispness to Mana Shochu’s Kumara based Shōchū. The result is a Shōchū that is well balanced and vibrant.

Experience Mana Shochu’s refreshing Lemon Shochu and and you will soon realise why so many have been pleasantly surprised by this tasty “new age” Shōchū!

Ingredients (by Percentage %)

Spring Water 70.5
Sweet Potato Alcohol 15.75
Neutral Spirits 6.75
Lemon Infused Neutral Spirit 2.5
Glucose 2.4
Invert Sugar 2.1
Neutral Lemon Flavour 330 0.0001


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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Shōchū Cocktail Suggestion:

You’ll need:

  • 1 kiwifruit
  • 30ml MANA Lemon Shochu
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • 1 egg white

Peel and quarter kiwifruit then muddle into a Boston glass. Add ice, Mana Lemon Shochu, egg white and sugar syrup. Shake well and pour into short glass. Garnish with a slice of kiwifruit. VOILA!


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