Owairaka Red Pure 25% Alcohol - Mana Shochu - 700ml

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Mana Shochu introduces to you their enticing and one of a kind Owairaka Red 25% Sake, Shōchū is still one of the best-selling spirits in the world. Around 500 million bottles are consumed annually in Japan alone. A very similar number of this delectable liquid is also drunk in Korea, where it is known as Soju. So much Shōchū is consumed annually, that sales consecutively top the six billion dollar figure. Despite this Shōchū is still relatively unknown outside of Asia, but the secret is getting out! You can now find Shōchū in the most exclusive of bars and lounges from Paris to New York.

Mana Shochu takes a unique twist on the Shōchū making tradition, or Kumara, as the base for their Shōchū liqueur. More specifically, Mana Shochu uses the Owairaka Red Kumara to give their Shōchū’s added character. Taken from their earthy soils in the North Island, the Kumara is then shipped to the Bay of Plenty to a renowned distillery. They then undergo a single distillation process in the vein of the Honkaku Sochu tradition. This ensures that the unique flavours and aromas of the Kumara is captured and bottled. This gives the Shōchū’s created by the folks at Mana Shochu a distinctively Kiwi flavour.

Once the drink reserved for Japanese high society, you can now indulge in it too with Mana Shochu’s Owairaka Red 25% Shōchū.


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