Snuggly Towel Colour Bibs - Silly Billyz

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A bib for your adorable Silly Billy!

Curious children and mess, especially when it comes to food, go hand-in-hand. With this in mind, Silly Billyz has tailored their Snuggly Towel Bib to be waterproof, quick drying and stain repelling. The front is made from an anti-spill cotton or Fleece material and the backing is made of a breathable nylon material. The pocket at the bottom of the bib is intended to catch crumbs and spills, but is reversible if you wish to have a plain coloured bib. There is also a neck guard for added comfort and protection against spills.

The Snuggly Towel Bibs offer:

  • Protection against stains
  • Fast drying action
  • Safe string free variable adjustment
  • Water resistant nylon backing
  • Soft comfort for smaller children
  • Machine washable and dryable

Meal times become a little easier with the colourful Snuggly Towel Bibs by Silly Billyz!


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