Kiwi Kids - Aotearoa New Zealand - Tarata Toys

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Handmade Wooden Toys that are Proudly New Zealand Made!

Handmade wooden toys aren’t always easy to find. This Wooden Kiwi Birds Family is proudly handmade - and proudly New Zealand made - by Tarata Toys.

This Wooden Kiwi Birds Family is a great New Zealand souvenir for everyone! The block shapes are perfect for the little ones. Because the simplified shapes are immediately recognizable as Kiwis, the symbol of New Zealand, this is a great New Zealand souvenir, no matter who you’re buying for.

Because Tarata Toys are New Zealand made from farm forested timber, and all of the coatings and colorings used by Tarata have been tested non-toxic and lead free, you know you’re choosing a good quality product.


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