Hector Dolphin – Soft Toy – 30cm

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30 cm

Cute, cuddly & totally New Zealand!

The Hector Dolphin is a dolphin species that is only found in New Zealand. Hector dolphins are prevalent in the coastal regions of New Zealand and typically inhabit the areas of coastal waters that are less than 100 metres deep.

This small dolphin is well known to the general New Zealand population because of its shallow coastal habitat and its distinctive physical characteristics. They have a predominantly light grey colour, although on closer inspection one can see a beautiful combination of colours. Its fin, flippers and flukes are black, while the back and sides are mostly grey and the bottom is white.

Hector Dolphins are named after Sir James Hector who was a curator at the then Colonial Museum in Wellington, which is the Te Papa Museum today. Some people may refer to Hector Dolphins as Hector’s Dolphins because of of this.

The Hector Dolphin soft toy has been safety tested and would make a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for an animal loving child!

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Synthetic fibre fill

Plastic pellets in inner safety bag

Safety tested

Surface washable

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