Kiwi Family Wooden Puzzle - Natural - Tarata Toys

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The 3D Wooden Puzzle You’ve Been Searching For!

Your little one will love this Kiwi Bird Family Puzzle. The easy-to-hold, blocky shapes are easy for little fingers to grasp. Adults love simple puzzles almost as much as kids. Try leaving this Wooden Puzzle out and see how many ‘grown up’ guests play with it!

You’ll love the subject as much as they do: this 3D Puzzle shows a Kiwi Family. The baby Kiwi Bird is cradled protectively by the parent Kiwi Bird. Kids don’t need complex electronic toys to play happily. Choose classic wooden toys like this 3D Puzzle from Tarata. Because Tarata Toys are New Zealand made from farm forested timber, you know you’re making the right choice for your child.


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