Sheep Family Jigsaw Puzzle - Natural - Tarata Toys

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Take Home a Sheep Toy with a Difference!

This 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect Sheep Toy for your little one! Tarata Toys’ Sheep Family 3D Jigsaw Puzzle shows a mother sheep and baby lamb. The blocky shapes are easy for little hands to hold, and your child is sure to love playing with this classic wooden jigsaw.

There’s a reason why classic wooden toys have been loved by children for generations - they’re a lot of fun! Simple wooden toys like this one leave lots of room for the open-ended imaginative play that kids love.

Because Tarata Toys are New Zealand made from farm forested timber, and all of the coatings and colorings used by Tarata have been tested non-toxic and lead free, you know you’re choosing a good quality product.


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