Tuatara with Sound – Soft Toy – 50cm

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50 cm

200 million years in the making!

The Tuatara lizard is unique because it is the only surviving member of the Rhychocephalia order that thrived about 200 million years ago. In the Maori language Tuatara means ‘peaks on the back’, which refers to the spiky crest that runs along the backs of Tuataras.

There are many characteristics that make the Tuatara lizard amongst the most unique creatures on earth. It has a third eye that is still being studied by researchers and Tuataras are able to hear despite having no external ear. Tuataras reproduce at a slow rate and only reach maturity around the age of ten years. Female Tuataras only lay eggs every two to five years and live on average for about 60 years, although Tuataras may live well past 100 years old.

The Tuatara with Sound Soft Toy would be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a child fascinated by lizards and animals.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Synthetic fibre fill

Plastic pellets in inner safety bag

Safety tested

Surface washable

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