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Choose Tarata for Logic Puzzle Games the Whole Family Will Love!

It’s not often that you find a game which really is fun for the whole family! This Kiwi Balancing Act Game will have everyone stacking, balancing, thinking and having fun. The Wooden Kiwi Birds can be stacked in literally hundreds of different combinations, for endless lateral thinking puzzles which are fun and challenging for adults and kids alike.

Logic puzzle games are a great ‘brain exercise’ to help keep your mind sharp. Choose logic puzzle games which are fun, so you know you’ll play them regularly. Tartata’s Kiwi Balancing Act Game is so addictively challenging, you’ll want to play for hours.

The Kiwi Balancing Act Game loved by kids everywhere! Classic wooden toys like this one are deceptively challenging. It’s a great way to tempt your child away from the television and computer and get them playing and thinking. The Kiwi Balancing Act Game will help your little ones develop a deeper understanding of the laws of physics - gravity, leverage, fulcrums, weight and dimension. They’re used in classrooms around the world to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills - and better yet, they’re a lot of fun!

As well as being an essential item for your own home, the Kiwi Balancing Act Game makes a great New Zealand gift, no matter who you’re buying for. Tarata Toys are handmade in New Zealand from farm forested timber, so you know you’re choosing a quality product which will last.


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