Event Sheepskin Numnah - Half Quilted

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Sheepskin Event Numnah made from 100% all natural New Zealand sheepskin. Rolled quilted edge.

The benefits of wool - A natural fibre that is unique in that the resilience and springiness of the wool pile distributes pressure evenly allowing air circulation and the non build up of moisture. This helps prevent sores caused by pressure, moisture, heat and friction. Being a natural insulator wool stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

Washing Instructions: Use mild detergent - not soap. Wash in lukewarm water. Rinse and then dry slowly away from direct sunlight.

Available in the following sizes:

15" (381mm) Dressage
16" (406mm) Dressage
17" (432mm) Dressage
18" (457mm) Dressage

The price shown above is for the 14", 15" and 16". An additional charge applies to the the larger sizes and this is shown in the drop down menu.

Available in the following colours:
White, Black, Honey, Chocolate.

Make your size and colour selection from the drop down menu.


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