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A Balancing Bird Game with a Difference!

Tarata Toy’s Kiwi Balance Game is addictively challenging! The Wooden Kiwi Birds can be stacked in literally hundreds of different combinations. Because it’s fun for both adults and children, it’s the perfect coffee table game.

The Kiwi Balance Game is more than just a fun game. As well as the enjoyment of a challenge and the satisfaction of success, the Kiwi Balance Game develops problem solving techniques and lateral thinking. Brains age as the body ages, and there’s some evidence to suggest that regularly playing puzzle solving games like the Kiwi Balance Game may exercise the mind and may help keep your mind sharp for longer.

The Kiwi Balance Game is great for kids too! It will help your little ones develop a deeper understanding of the laws of physics - gravity, leverage, fulcrums, weight and dimension. They’re used in classrooms around the world to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills - and better yet, they’re a lot of fun!

As well as being an essential item for your own home, the Kiwi Balance Game makes a great New Zealand gift, no matter who you’re buying for. Tarata Toys are handmade in New Zealand from farm forested timber, so you know you’re choosing a quality product which will last.



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Be sure to check out Tarata’s smaller Balancing Act Kiwis. Balancing Act Kiwis are available in both Natural and Colored finishes.

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