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A Wooden Puzzle Your Little One Will Love!

Your little one will love this HappyKiwi Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle! The brightly colored, blocky pieces are easy for little hands to hold and fit together to show two Happy Kiwi birds.

Classic wooden toys have delighted generations of children. Your little one will love fitting the easy-to-grasp pieces together. Slightly older children will enjoy naming and spelling out the colors, and even picking out the primary colors. Simple wooden toys leave lots of room for the open ended imaginative play which kids need to flourish.

Choose a Wooden Puzzle which you know your little ones will love, like this HappyKiwi Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle from Tarata Toys.

Tarata Toys are New Zealand made from farm forested timber. All of the coatings and colorings used by Tarata have been tested non-toxic and lead free, you know your little ones are playing safe. 

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