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All World Shops is an international network of online retailers that sell locally produced products to customers from around the world. The All World Shops network also comprises of a number of speciality stores that range from health and supplements to beauty.  This opens up a lucrative opportunity for individuals and organizations to assist All World Shops in growing the customer base for its global network of e-commerce retailers. The All World Shops Affiliate Program is a great way for website owners, webmasters and bloggers to generate an additional source of income. All World Shops uses an advanced in-house Affiliate Marketing system to make joining our marketing program a straightforward and secure process. 

Once a member, the All World Shops Affiliate Program offers you benefits such as:

  • Zero maintenance and sign up costs
  • A ten to fifteen per cent (10-15%) commission if a referred customer makes a purchase in Shop New Zealand, All World Shops' speciality stores or in one of our other country shops.
  • Free access to our up-to-date catalogue comprising of over eight thousand (8000) products from eleven (11) plus sites.
  • A 100 days Action Referral Period and Unlimited Action Referral Occurrences

How to join:

1.      Simply sign up with our Affiliate Program and our Customer Care Team will be in touch.

2.      Promote All World Shops stores by linking them to your website.

3.      Start earning a 10-15% commission for every referred customer that makes a purchase at any one of the All World Shops stores.

Please note our Affiliate Marketing Program will be operational at the beginning of 2013. Feel free to express your early interest by signing up today.


Kindly drop an E-mail to our Affiliate Support Team at


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