About Free Delivery

Shop New Zealand is offering Free Delivery to both Local and International destinations with the following conditions;


Free Delivery WITHIN New Zealand & Australia:

For orders NZD $100 and above, Shop New Zealand is offering Free Delivery within New Zealand and Australia shipping address.


Terms and Conditions:
  • Free Shipping delivery is for Standard Post (non-tracking) Service only. CC tracking will be provided only if the order is above 2kg. 
  • This offer is applicable to one (1) shipment of parcel not exceeding 3kg (Apply to Australia shipment only)
  • If more than one (1) parcel is required or the combined weight of the order exceeds the 3kg limit, additional freight cost will be required but only to the difference in the weight (the first 3kg will be free). For example: If the combined weight is 6kg, we will only charge you the extra 3kg. Our customer service team will calculate the additional cost, contact you via email on how to make the additional payment and if more than one (1) is required.
  • Please be aware that the use of Promotional or Discount Codes will not be applicable in both the above instances.

Products with Free World Wide Delivery Symbols 

Freight Charges will not be applied to any products with Free World Wide Delivery symbols attached to them. Please note again, that you will not be able to apply any Promotional or Discount Codes to these products.