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Kia Ora! (Hello) and welcome to Shop New Zealand!

Founded in 2003 Shop New Zealand is dedicated to delivering a full range of New Zealand products and brands with prompt and timely service. Our Show-Room is situated in Auckland and showcases only a fraction of what we have to offer. Explore our website to discover our full and diverse range of products that are unique to New Zealand.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As a Licensee of Allworldshops™ the worldwide alliance network we are committed to an ethical code of conduct, online security and high level of customer service. Through our multi-lingual Customer Services Team based in Auckland and corporate gift option, we can provide a customised service from the beginning of your order, right through to the final delivery.    

Shop New Zealand is known globally as an online retailer that is home to a genuine range of Native arts, crafts, jewellery and wood carvings. With our rich multi-cultural diversity, Maori heritage and clean, green environment, each item is as special as the next one. We are famous for our Beauty and Health products, such as mineral rich Thermal Mud, Manuka Honey, Greenlip Mussel and colostrum. Our premium New Zealand Merino Wool and Sheepskins range will also impress. We currently ship to over two hundred countries worldwide and provide a multi-currency option to make browsing and purchasing products easier.

Our website is designed for your online shopping pleasure; we want to make it a safe and convenient experience, one you can enjoy time and again. So on behalf of our entire team here at Shop New Zealand, we wish you an enjoyable online shopping experience with us.

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About New Zealand (Aotearoa)


New Zealand is a proud island nation with a distinctive cultural heritage, defined by the Indigenous Peoples and Europeans who later settled. If you do happen to visit us, you will take in the breathe-taking tourist destinations, Maori arts, crafts, and the many outdoor recreational and sporting pursuits available in this small pacific nation.

New Zealand, or as the Maori call it ‘Aotearoa’ is made up of two main islands, the North and South Islands, with a number of smaller picturesque islands which complete our beautiful nation. Every region is blessed with many memorable scenic destinations that are famous for having something unique and special to offer.  The South Island’s pristine environment is home to many famous exports to the world. Green lipped mussel farms dot the coastal areas and Canterbury is famous for its agriculture and farming, producing fine Merino Wool. The North Island is home to our capital city Wellington, or as the locals call it ‘Wellywood’, made famous by Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. All over our country Manuka Honey can be extracted from the nectar of the Manuka Tree, considered very beneficial because of its Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). The Volcanic region of Taupo is a hotspot for thermal hot pools and spas. Their volcanic minerals and gasses produce the popular Thermal Mud body care products.

Our indigenous people, have blessed the nation with Maori inspired arts, crafts, and tattooing’s. Special wood carvings, jewellery, native stones and gems with impressive Maori designs will capture the eye.  The New Zealand Rugby Team, The All Blacks, have won the hearts of Kiwis and those around the world, All Blacks merchandise and accessories being just as popular as our New Zealand sheepskins.   

With New Zealand’s ‘Nuclear-free’ policy and commitment to environmentalism and sustainability shows that as a nation we are driven to produce eco-friendly products and services for the world to enjoy.

We are a tiny country as seen on the map, but for all those who visit, New Zealand leaves a big and lasting impression.



Regions of New Zealand

North Island:

Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Eastland, Hamilton - Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Northland, Rotorua, Ruapehu, Taranaki, Taupo, Wairarapa, Wellington,  Whanganui

South Island:

Central Otago, Christchurch - Canterbury, Dunedin – Coastal Otago, Fiordland, Marlborough, Nelson Tasman, Queenstown, Southland, Wanaka, West Coast




Auckland is our most populous city, a multi-cultural melting pot of people. The region has a lot of unique character and special offerings. Referred to as the ‘City of Sails’ being one of the few non-tropical places where rainforests also exist. The climate is suitable for olive groves, producing quality olive oils, beauty and body care products.

Bay of Plenty

Home to the popular summer holiday destinations, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa, this region has much to offer. The ideal climate and fertile soils have cultivated a thriving Kiwifruit industry - a fruit that is packed with vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, all are beneficial to skincare and healthy living.

Central Otago

central otago

This region is known for having the hottest, coldest and also driest of climates in the country. Famous for the Pinot Noir grape and world class vineyards; the rolling land is the country’s most inland region. Cromwell is famous for its fruit growing, producing quality fresh and dried fruits. 

Christchurch – Canterbury


Christchurch, New Zealand oldest City is a hub for arts and culture. Defined by the Southern Alps and Mt Cook, the region is one of the most productive dairy farming and agricultural producers. Offering much to the world from milk and colostrum products to Sheepskins, Deer Supplements and much more.



This region is blessed with a blend of white sand beaches, rainforests and ancient Maori village sites featuring traditional Maori wood carvings, arts and crafts. Seafood is one of the region’s biggest industries, where green lipped mussel farms, oysters and scallops are sustainably harvested. 

Dunedin – Coastal Otago


With a strong Scottish heritage and being the doorway to the Otago peninsula, this region is just as unique as the others. With a multitude of mountain tracks and a sanctuary for wildlife, the city is home to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame.



With a warm dry climate the region is known for its Chardonnay wines, fertile river valleys, farms and surf beaches. With a rich local Maori culture, the people produce stunning Maori arts and crafts, like traditional wood carvings and Maori inspired jewelry designs.




One of the most renowned tourist destinations of New Zealand, the region is blessed with the stunning natural landscape of the Milford Sound.  A great wilderness area and one which is mainly centered around sustainable tourism.

Hamilton – Waikato


Hamilton City in the heart of the Waikato region is home to one of the world’s most important agriculture expo, ‘Fieldays’. Agriculture and Dairy farming plays an integral part of the region’s economy, producing many valued milk and colostrum based products.

Hawkes Bay

hawkes bay

A world class wine producing region and known for its merlot and cabernet sauvignon wine varieties, high sunshine hours and gourmet food trials. Arataki Honey from the area produces premium Honey & Bee products for health and wellbeing.



Agricultural and livestock farming is an important sector, being home to the Fielding Livestock Centre. White sandy beaches and the significant Te Apiti wind farm are a tourist delight. Palmerston North, the areas key centre, also has the National Rugby Museum, where one can experience the history and tradition of Rugby in New Zealand and the All Blacks.  



Situated at the top of the South Island, the area produces more than half of New Zealand’s wine. The deep, pristine water of the Marlborough Sounds provide the perfect environment for farming of Green Shell Mussels and King Salmon that is rich in omega 3 and fish oils. Both are important agriculture exports overseas and form the basis for health supplements. Paua is another product from the area and Paua shells are used to create jewellery accessories.

Nelson Tasman


Known as one of the sunniest regions in New Zealand, Nelson is a busy tourist destination and popular for its golden beaches, arts and crafts, wine trails and the many outdoor pursuits, such as sea-kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, white water rafting and much more. Seafood is a major industry with Salmon, Scallops and many other varieties of seafood being exported.



Dotted with amazing beaches, native forests and luxury retreats, the area is a major tourist destination for those wanting to experience fishing, sailing, diving, trekking and more. The region has a strong history and native culture, with Waitangi being an historic location for both the Maori and European settlers. Northlands unique native forests set the scene for wildlife and nature endemic to New Zealand.  



Referred to as the ‘adventure capital’ of New Zealand the area of Queenstown is known as a hotspot for tourists wanting to experience either adrenaline sports or relaxed seclusion. Visitors can enjoy bungee jumping, snow sports, food and wine, with luxury accommodation and a vibrant nightlife in and around the locale.  



The regions volcanic landscape and geothermal attractions, combined with its rich Maori culture make this a unique destination. An area one that should be on the list for every visitor, Rotorua is renowned for sports fishing, mountain biking and experiencing traditional Maori customs, art and crafts. Thermal Mud body care products that are rich in volcanic minerals are from this exciting region.



Home to the Tongariro National Park which is a listed World Heritage Site, sets the scene for three active volcanoes, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro. A destination that is enjoyed year round by those visitors wishing to experience nature, outdoor pursuits, snow sports and an abundance of Maori culture.


bluff oyster

This southern most region has a pristine, untouched natural environment that is at the forefront of environmentalism, with National Parks and native bird sanctuaries. Seafood and aquaculture is significant and the region is home to the sea town of Bluff, made famous for their tasteful delicacy, the Bluff oyster.



A diverse landscape merging land and sea, Taranaki is a popular surf location and also known for lush forests, treasured gardens and multiple outdoor pursuits. Mt Taranaki and the greater area are of spiritual importance to the Maori, and tour guides can offer a cultural insight into their history, tradition, arts and crafts.  

Lake Taupo

lake taupo

Created by an ancient volcanic eruption, Lake Taupo is now a stunning destination, with the Huka Falls, thermal hot springs and Maori arts and crafts as being major highlights. Multiple outdoor pursuits, native rock carvings and historic and contemporary Maori culture can be experienced, making this region one of the most visited and valued treasures of New Zealand. 



If its breath-taking natural wildlife reserves, forest parks, fine food and wines or a relaxed environment that you are looking for, then the Wairarapa is a must see destination. Littered with an abundance of attractions from the New Zealand wine trail and Cape Palliser Seal colony, to the National Wildlife Centre, the region is a stunning example of nature and hospitality.   



A region which has magnificent mountain ranges, pristine rivers, lakes and one which has a reputation for being a stunning tourist destination. Hiking, fishing, skiing and many more outdoor pursuits draw visitors from all over the world.



A city known for its vibrant food scene, café and night life, Wellington is an exciting harbour city to visit and our nation’s capital. With its parliamentary precinct and also being home to many museums and art galleries, the city is a combination of art, culture and hospitality.      

West Coast

west coast

Being New Zealand’s most protected region, the West Coast offers a variety of wild coastline, glaciers, pristine lakes and a vast natural environment. The West Coast is an adventurous tourist destination and one whereby ninety percent of the land is administered by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.  



Situated in New Zealand’s lower North Island Whanganui has a large collection of significant heritage buildings and important Maori Sites. The Whanganui River is of historic, spiritual and cultural value for the Maori and Koriniti Marae is one such cultural example. The district has many rainforests which provide a sanctuary for endangered birds including the Kiwi.