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I have just placed an order from the UK for shipment of a product to my family in New Zealand, and as I have never shipped anything to them before I was missing their postcode, but due to you having the live chat facility on your website I was able to ask for live assistance, and Nancy was more than helpful searching for the information I required for me. Very helpful and quick. I am due to fly over for a months holiday soon so will be back to buy things for me to bring back home with me.

thank you for your help. 

Mi compra Nº Ref. 96789 realizada el día 16 de agosto de 2013 aún no la he recibido.

Intenté entrar en su pagina web para poder ver el estado de la misma pero me es imposible rastrearla ya que me dice que la clave está mal. Me han mandando en varias oportunidades un mail para resetear la clave y poner una nueva pero me es imposible hacerlo y al poner ver mi historial me dice que no tengo nada. Por lo tanto me es imposible saber en qué está ese envío.

Yo necesito tenerlo antes del 18 de setiembre, ya que es un regalo que debería llegar antes de esa fecha pero no logro poder saber en qué etapa está el envío ¿me podrán decir cómo hacer para poder ver mi historial en la página y a su vez en qué está el pedido?

Espero su respuesta. Muchas gracias.

Gabriela Mujica

Estimada Gabriela,

Junto son saludarla  y luego de verificar el estado de su pedido, le puedo confirmar que éste fue enviado el 28/08/2013. Según estimamos, debería arribar a Uruguay entre el 11 y 13 del presente. En caso que no reciba el producto en fecha indicada, le agradeceré me informe por este medio a fin de resolver la situación.

En relación al seguimiento de los pedidos, por medio de nuestro sitio web, le puedo informar que hemos realizado una migración a un nuevo sistema y – lamentablemente – la información de los pedidos anteriores al 27/08/2013 aún no ha sido transferida a la nueva plataforma.

Si tiene alguna duda adicional, por favor no dude en contactarnos.

Cordiales saludos,

Equipo de Servicio al Cliente

All World Shops

I like what you've done to your website. It's definitely more modern in design and overall more aesthetically-pleasing. Great job!

在你家买了好几次了,产品非常不错,质量及效果都很值得推荐。现在新的网页也比原来的好看很多,产品好像更多了 :)。谢谢中文客服的服务,态度非常好,订单的进展都会及时通知!

Kevinz's picture







Order arrived today, Friday 8th Nov. Excellent service. Many thanks. John

Thanks so much, Nive!  I'm not that good technically, but worked it out as best i could.  I really appreciate your personal kindness, and extra generosity in staying late on a holiday weekend.  

I look forward to hearing back from you.

warm wishes,


Thank you for your extra care for my order


Your shipment is blocked by customs at Charles De Gaulle airport because the invoice did not come with the shipment, or could not be accessed by customs.

I have wasted an incredible amount of time trying to communicate wtih the transporter and transferring a copy of your invoice; I do not know at this stage whether the shipment will finally arrive in Nice.

Please be more careful in the future.





Hi Jacques,

We appreciate your feedback and apologise for the inconvenience.

We Ship products daily to places worldwide. We make sure that our customers understand it is their own responsibilty to check custom regulation of any destination or areas before they submit their orders (for more details please check our terms and conditions about duty and tax). We have so far not experienced any shippment issue for parcels go to France without an invoice. 

All parcels sent out from our warehouse only have packing slips enclosed to let customers know what the products are and quantity etc. However we have no problem of sending invoice if it is required by our customers.

Again We are very sorry for what you have experienced with the destination custom.

Kind Regards

Customer Service


I ordered three chocolate boxes to go to three differnet people who had the same address. It wasn't sent to a family, but a business. For some reason this company decided to save money and send it in one package. I can't believe since I was charge for shipping, I believe, for three indivudual boxes.

Also, I don't think the package ever arrived. I heard nothing about it. 


Hi  thank you for extra care for my order number aws14201423 very fast very safe good packing 

For the second time now (in a row) I placed an order and it’s been a week and it still states ‘processing’. I placed the order on the 20/7/19. As I said this is the second order in a row now that this has happened to me, it never used to happen- what has changed???

Unfortunately not very happy,


I decided to share my deep disappointment with how this company handling castomer relations. My order was placed and after 3 weeks still was showing Proccesing status. I emailed customer service and asked for a status, got an email saying I will be contacted which never happened. I filed the claim with PayPal and finally was contacted by Santi, evidently they were out of stock and I had to wait another 6-8 week until i can recieve my items. I asked for refund 2 separate times but Santi was ignoring my communications. I had to escalate my claim with PayPal and finally got my refund. Very ignorant anf irresponcible customer service in my view. NEVER AGAIN!!

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